The first homestead family on the ranch
after a successful mule deer hunt  about
1900.  The  homestead is where the current
ranch headquarters are now located east of
Hamilton, Colorado.
Photograph courtesy of
Museum of
Northwest Colorado
Don and Phyllis Myers
6148 State Hwy 317
Hamilton, Colorado 81638
(970) 824-9317
Bull Elk in the Winter
Gilmar Ranch March 2008
Photograph by Michelle Cox
We invite you to hunt with us at the Gilmar Ranch located in the
beautiful Williams Fork Valley of
Northwest Colorado and join us in a rich legacy of hunting
Local rock art shows that the native Indians first hunted here.  
After the end of that era, the homesteaders and the ranch families
also found the area to be excellent hunting.
Today, the best of a quality and affordable hunting opportunity
continues for our guests and future generations.
Colorado Outfitters License No. 1229- Bonded and Insured
Honesty, Integrity,
Good  Hunting and
Our Family Here Since
"Excellent Elk and Mule Deer Hunting Opportunity"
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