Our Safety and Sportmanship Policies
Our ranch hunting rules are required for safety reasons and also
to promote good sportsmanship.  They include the following:

Our clients must be familiar with and fully comply with all
Colorado Hunting Laws and Regulations. Colorado Parks and
Wildlife online regulation brochures can be accessed by

We require that our clients do not drink alcohol before or during
hunting activities.  Drinking alcohol while hunting is illegal. We
require everyone to keep all bullets out of the chamber of a
rifle until they are ready to shoot.
 Having a weapon with a bullet
in the chamber while inside a motor vehicle is illegal. Safety and
following the law are our number one concerns!

We do not allow clients to trespass or shoot across any of the
ranch boundaries.  We respect our neighbors.

Party hunting and game law violations are not allowed and will
be reported to the proper authorities.

Due to the need for highly accurate and effective shooting, we
request that our rifle season hunters use bolt action rifles for
their hunts.  The use of semi-automatic or single shot rifles is not
encouraged.  The use of pistols, muzzle loaders,  bows, or any
other non-conventional weapons  
are not allowed during our
rifle season hunts.

All clients, guests, guides, and employees are required to wear at
least the required 500 square inches of
while in the field for any purpose,  
whether hunting or not hunting,  during any  big game season
except archery.   There
will be no exceptions to this policy.
Safety Rules and
Hunting Ethics
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